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Work should be done quickly, as the ethanol evaporates and the mass dries up. In case of excessive softening of the mass, it is recommended to leave some rhubarb powder.

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Then phenobarbital and methylthiouracil are ground in the solution, the resulting mixture is mixed with 3 g of valerian extract and compacted with valerian root powder. Replacing the powder of valerian root with any other powder is irrational, since valerian in this recipe is one of the medicinal substances.

Pills with herbal extracts. This refers to plant extracts that are introduced into the medrol pill mass as medicinal substances. Thick or dry extracts (the last after moistening with ethanol) are plasticized with plant powders, which are often introduced as medicinal substances (for example, rhubarb rhizome powder).

Extracti Belladonnae spissi 0.3 Extracti Frangulae sicci 5.0 Phizomatis Rhei pulverati 3.0 M., fiant pilulae N. 30 DS. 1 pill 3 times a day. First, rhubarb powder is ground, then dry buckthorn extract is added. Part of the mixture is poured and belladonna extract is introduced (dry extract is used in double quantity), after which the remainder of the powder mixture is added. Subsequent wetting with 70% ethanol results in a good plastic mass (no need to compress!).

If liquid extracts are to be introduced into the medrol pill mass, then, if necessary, a large volume of them is first concentrated in a water bath to about 2 g, after which they are mixed with other components of the pill mass.

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medrol Pills with water-immiscible liquids. Pill masses with liquid medicinal preparations that are not miscible with water (tar, turpentine, male fern extract, etc.) are among the difficult to manufacture pill masses. With the wrong selection of excipients, the release of the liquid component inevitably occurs and poor disintegration of the pills is noted, not to mention other mass defects (poor plasticity, large mass, etc.).